Poetry: "These shiny shoes are bleeding" & "Buried with golden hamsters" by Jane Ayres

These shiny shoes are bleeding

Hesitating by the M&S cake aisle (chocolate fudge or 4-pack blueberry muffins?) I had a

sensation of sticky wetness on my heel, crimson seeping into my hold up stocking from those

shiny black shoes

three inch heels

decorative chains


crossing diagonally

worn with

acrylic leg warmers

(it was the 80s)

The wound cut deeper than I realised continuous & sustained friction over a long period of

time yet it was only when pain manifested visually through blood that I discovered how much

the wound actually hurt that is often the way I find

buried with golden hamsters

C/W: Theme of Death

mustard-eyed daisies with dirty-white petals grow

in that unexpected pattern broken-heart shaped

crumbling sticks of calcium blanketed milk teeth

tucked in fleecy fragments still wearing

that bud-pink tee-shirt with the cuddly

Tyrannosaurus Rex design candied gossamer

strands unthreading

memorialised in wildflower

weeds yellow-brown skullcap mushrooms deadly

nightshade purple-belled nestle beside Hammy III and Sniffy II

(like the others, she loved hamsters) cottonwool wrapped a trellis

of tiny scratchy skeletons decaying in cardboard cornflake box coffins

(she collected the miniature dinosaurs, cheap plastic) long wintered

beneath the dandelions fossilised

walking through the woods with or without dogs

we never know

what lies


who we tread on step over without ever


what happened or


the crunch of bones

soft earth

small ghosts

UK based neurodivergent writer Jane Ayres completed a Creative Writing MA at the University of Kent in 2019 aged 57. She is fascinated by hybrid poetry/prose experimental forms and has work in Dissonance, Confluence,Ink Drinkers Poetry, Lighthouse, Streetcake, The North, The Poetry Village, Door is a Jar, Kissing Dynamite, (mac)ro(mic), Versification, Crow & Cross Keys, Ample Remains, Sledgehammer and The Forge.