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Poetry: Three Pieces by Jeremy Scott


silence, streams

in the forest we cry out

to false gods—ourselves,

make manifest


soft light, protruding, specters

wherefore is the light arising?

Prognosis Elimination State OVERLAND Sequence

• belief in goodness

o falsehood fails


o Ψ waves, Σ = wholeness

• sleeping is microdosing death

o soundscape, screaming choking drowning [ title not found]

o WHAT IF???, no that can’t be...

o dark matter puts me there,

• sonnet break, stigmata

o open weeping sore

o we are nothing, ARE WE?

o turtle back, mottled, truth declines

through the periphery, we’ll find it

crisisaverted.txt/uncharacteristic flesh

queerbot, hypoactive the senses,

anarchy in my brain

parse the text with adverbial


i am shallow,

in need of a bath,

stop the pain,

it is fear leaving the body.

Jeremy Scott is from Albany, Georgia. He's @possiblyarhino on Twitter. His debut novella, Marginalia, will be published by Alien Buddha Press. His other work has been published or is forthcoming in All Guts No Glory Zine, Angel Rust Magazine, BOMBFIRE, Fifth Wheel Press's flux digital anthology, Versification Zine, and others

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