Poetry: "To Do List" & "Call Me" by Marie Little

To Do List

(C/W alludes to sexual assault)

• Wash bedding

• Re-paint door

• Scrape food off walls

• Buy stain remover

• Call handyman

• Collect up pieces of woman

• Research deadbolts

• Buy better coffee

• Practise with concealer

• Scrub sink

• Vacuum stairs

• Breathe deep

• Clear inbox

• Inform vet

• Repeat affirmations

• Re-stock fridge

• Take morning after pill

• Check you’re okay

Call Me

When your kids have done PE in still-wet kit

(weather is free, dryer coins are not).

When old friends won’t visit the new flat

(blaming allergies, next door’s dog).

When you have scalped all the cushions in the house for bus fare

(Baby posted shiny things into secret places again).

When you eat dry crackers after lights out

(the kids had meat and veg).

When the TV licence advert chills you like a thriller

(was that a knock?).

When your family doesn’t even ask how it’s going anymore

(they barely did before).



Call me.

Marie lives near fields with her family and writes in the shed. She has poetry featured/forthcoming in: Ink Sweat and Tears, Cool Rock Repository, The Cannon’s Mouth, Fevers of the Mind, Sledgehammer, Anti-Heroin-Chic and Tattie Zine. She also writes and publishes flash fiction. She is on Twitter @jamsaucer