"Solitudinal" &" Lines on Having Lost a Friend Not Once But Twice"


I want to be alone / floating free / from the universal / away from the glare / of the

sun / and spotlight

claustrophobic / watched by millions of eyes / in space everyone / can hear me

scream / all those tuned to the screen / and everyone listening in

there’s 26 people in my headset / checking to hear me breathe

I want to step outside / become one with the dust / my muscles atrophy / blood

drains from veins / my heart caves in / you take my breath away

400 kilometres between us / the distance from Houston to Dallas / a vast void

of silence / I still hear your voice in my head

I’ve trained 16 years for this / for every small step and giant leap / without you / just

a heap of carbon / lost in a vacuum of hydrogen and helium / please forget me /

when I’m gone

Lines on having lost a friend, not once, but twice

JP Seabright is a queer writer living in London, who has had poetry published in three anthologies, short stories published online and in print, and various pieces shortlisted, longlisted and highly commended. They are Assistant Editor for Full House Lit Mag, and can be found hanging out on Twitter @errormessage