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Dear Selcouth Readers & Writers,


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closing of Selcouth Station Press. We have been operating for five years; we dared to dream of running our own press and we can’t believe the success we’ve had. Thank you all for making it possible! Without social media and the passion of our readers, we wouldn’t have been able to publish over 30 books and over 200 pieces of poetry/fiction/art on our website.


We are closing because these last two years have been rough, on all of us worldwide, and this last year has been particularly brutal for us at Selcouth, financially and personally. We have always funded Selcouth out of our own pockets and from the generosity of our readers who buy our books. Even before the cost of living started to rise exponentially, postage costs and printing costs increased dramatically. This has made it harder and harder to produce work at an affordable cost for us and the consumer, and to also generate enough income to do the next project. In short, we cannot afford to continue. There is also the personal cost, which has taken its toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically over the last year. 


What of your writing? As we’ve always said, the copyright remains with the author. Any work you have published with us is yours to publish elsewhere. With our books, we will not produce any more re-prints once copies run out. We simply cannot afford to do so. Digital and current physical copies will remain available via our store until the New Year, then we will need to decide what to do with the remaining stock.


Our last blog post will be on 16th August 2022 and our blog will remain active until the New Year, so please do read all the wonderful work we have published. We will not be accepting further submissions.


Kind regards and very best of luck to all,


Selcouth Station Press--
Haley Jenkins
Publisher & Editor
Selcouth Station Press
Twitter: @SelcouthStation
Insta: @selcouthstation
FB: Selcouth Station Press

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