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Becca Yenser's characters are stuck between thinking the best part of life is behind them and believing it's not too late. So much has gone to shit, but they won't give up. These are all people we know, people we've been, people we still are.
- Aaron Burch author of YEAR OF THE BUFFALO, STEPHEN KING'S THE BODY, and BACKSWING,  editor of Hobart and HAD

Bang the Dream is the story collection we’re all looking for—a big, suffering heart dipped in gasoline, set on fire. Like the best of Lucia Berlin or Denis Johnson, Becca Yenser paints broken people against ecstatic landscapes: grievers moon-gazing in Ireland, junkies nodding off next to a Kansas River, an Albuquerque drug dealer fly fishing with the pink Sandias looming in the distance. There’s no pretence in these pages, only real people living real lives told by an incredible talent. 
 - Kevin Maloney, author of Cult of Loretta


Becca Yenser writes with a clarity of vision and wisdom so pure and strong it will leave you breathless. 
 - Troy James Weaver


Becca Yenser’s Bang the Dream is a revving engine, a clandestine swig under black sky, a series of torn portraits in which everyone feels a little bit haunted. In these lyrically rich landscapes, peppered with Dollar Trees, whiskey, Dunkin Donuts, and achingly wide-open space, we encounter again and again the neglected contours of US American working-class survival and the material, human limits of enduring some tough shit. In this vital perspective that is so alive with compassion and fevered bravado, I read a distant growl just there over the hill, over in some way-off horizon that holds potential promise, or ruin, or both. And even if there is seemingly no way out of here, at least we know we heard it coming.

- Jessica Q. Stark, author of Savage Pageant and Poetry Editor of AGNI


About the Author

Becca Yenser is the author of the novella, The Ms. Pac Man Chronicles: Eating All the Ghosts (Drunk Daily Mag), and the CNF collection, The Grief Lottery (forthcoming, ELJ Editions, 2022). Recent writing appears in Hobart, Bending Genres, Tiny Molecules, among others. They live in New Mexico with their cat.



Page numbers: 40

Publication date: November 2021

ISBN: 978-1-8380228-9-1

Genre: Fiction/Short stories

Cover art & design: Laurie Marshall

Bang The Dream by Becca Yenser EBOOK