In 'Conversations with Dad', Jenni's father rings her every Friday night at 6 o'clock. The only problem is: her father's been dead for a little while now. Jacqueline Robinson explores the Jamaican cultural processes which surrounds the death of an individual. In addition, the story is a critique of psychiatry in relation to BME communities within the context of grief.


About the Author

Jacqueline Robinson is the author of four poetry collections Silence is Broken (2009), Passages (2011), A Voice From Behind the Veil (2014) and The Secret (1016). These poems have been used to fuel discussions in a number of workshop settings within her local community covering topics such as parenting, bereavement and mental illness. She has also been the resident poet at a local Christian women's group for the past eight years. Jacqueline has been a Kosetler Trust poetry mentor for ex-offenders since 2010 and also the guest poet at a local library's creative writing group. She holds a Diploma in Poetry Writing and is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. In 2017, she won Hope and Voice Self-Publisher of the Year Award. Jacqueline also writes short stories.



Page numbers: 15

Publication date: 2018

Genre: Psychological thriller/Fiction

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Conversations with Dad by Jacqueline Robinson