“Owls hooted in the distance and bats flapped their wings above her as she waited for the falling night to cloak her. It should have scared her, but she was determined, and she wouldn’t let her imagination chase her away.”


If your mother was a witch, would you know?

Eliza knows her mother is hiding something. She is cold and distant where her father is loving and warm, and nobody wants to tell Eliza what it is she does all day, holed up in her workshop. After overhearing the villagers’ whispered cruelties about her mother, a seed of suspicion grows in her. Who is her mother, really, and what does that mean to Eliza and her family? Determined to uncover the truth, Eliza concocts a plan. One evening she hides in the field outside their house, waiting for nightfall with a stolen key resting heavy in her pocket…


’Death’s Daughter’ is a fairy tale about heritage, the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, and finding pride in what you do.


It is an independent episode from Sutös work in progress, The Legends of Mona, an urban fantasy novel of a travelling princess and her coming of age.



Page Numbers: 10

ISBN: 978-1-9164335-6-4

Genre: Fiction/Fairy-Tale

Cover Art & Design: Giada Rose

Death's Daughter by Fanni Sutö