In this wonderful edition of Selcouth we celebrate all things Winter! From charades at Christmas with your ex to seasonal walks in the crisp frost, from Yuletide goats to Santa struggling through a letterbox, there is plenty of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction to enjoy in this 43 page edition.


This edition also includes an interview by our stunningly talented cover-artist Kelley Akers, promotion of Marianne Bremms 'Sliver of Change' from Finishing Line Press and how you find our all about MumWrite, a press for writing mothers by writing mothers. 


Editors: Rebecca Shoulders, Stephanie Guerreiro Lourenço, Katharine Cheetham & Haley Jenkins



Family & Friends

JL Bogenschneider - Here It Never Snowed
Arun Jeetoo - Moon River
Sven Kretzschmar - Once a Year
Linda McMullen - Charades



Daniel Hinds - Yule Goat

Charles J. March III - Obfuscation Condition: Snorting Christmas

Joe Woodhouse - Santa VI: Going Postal



Nora Blascsok - Shoebox Appeal

Helen Bowie - Oxgenate

Elizabeth Gibson - Lost in a Jumper

Claire Hampton - An Argument for Abolition of Santa

Ceinwen Haydon - Home

Daniel Hinds - A Micropoetry Xmas



Lucy Arnold - Letters from Norman Winters

Rachael Ikins - Artworks

Richard Knott - A Black Country Christmas

James Bruce May - Wintertime Walk

Sven Kretzschmar - When it gets dark and cold in the countryside

Ronald Tobey - Four Degrees

KA Zebib - Microcosms

Selcouth #3: Winter