Flash Review: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Narrated by Kenneth Branagh

Audible Studios, 2010.

Running time: 3hrs 51mins

To begin with, this was a very hard novella to rate. “Why”, you ask?

Every time I started reading, the world drew me in. The vivid description, the dark moody landscape and atmosphere, there was something compelling about this journey into the unknown, the sense of imminent, shapeless danger. An all-pervasive gloom, an overhanging evil seemed to touch the heart of the narrator and consequently the reader. Where the book failed is to keep my attention when closed. It never stayed with me. With a cast of uninspiring characters, it made it hard to identify with them. I know that it was written sometime around the end of the 19th century and Africa was still considered a place where primitives and almost sub human’s roamed, fought, hunted and lived. But even so I still couldn’t get passed how the people of that land were depicted.

Kenneth Branagh’s narration of the book was superb, it matched the sombre sepulchral tone of the character and setting; that was a definite plus and the only reason I upped this novella’s rating. This was a 2.5 stars for me. It was okay.


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