Distraction of Technology

distraction of technology the white moon folded back into golden clouds in blue skies like origami hung over peach lilies

the sun reclines into slumber as night sweeps in

with a song and psalms of light quite different than the lyrics of day,

and here i stand drinking it all in; but as i look around no one notices i wonder if they observe anything other than the screens of their phones—

technology can be a wonderful tool, but sometimes it can be distracting; pulling us away from the very things and people who can heal us of our scars.

Linda M. Crate's poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. She has five published chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press - June 2013), Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon - January 2014), If Tomorrow Never Comes (Scars Publications, August 2016), My Wings Were Made to Fly (Flutter Press, September 2017), and splintered with terror (Scars Publications, January 2018), and one micro-chapbook Heaven Instead (Origami Poems Project, May 2018). She is also the author of the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books, June 2018). Her Twitter handle is @thysilverdoe