Electric Howl

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by video games, they

said, by movies and television and violence on the news and rap lyrics

they said, because they didn't have any other explanations and they

wouldn't admit to themselves that something this big, something this

much of a problem, could be their own fault and not the fault of the

media who swore by psychological tests and answered bak and didn't

listen and gave us bad role models, they said; celebrities who steered us

down the wrong winding roads with no map for guidance and no sign

posts to bring us back, no trail to follow home because god forbid we

make our own mistakes, no, it is the fault, they said, of the Internet and

the vastness of it and the dangers of talking to strangers even though

strangers are more welcoming than the people the people in real

life because they are faceless and invisible and leave behind-able and

parents are not and the pressure to please them is all too real and drives

us to do the things that they said were the fault of everyone else; video

games, movies, television, violence on the news, rap lyrics, celebrities

and the Internet and they forgot that once upon a time it was jazz, it was

rock music and books, they said driving kids to drugs and violence and

anti-social behaviour that got them kicked out of school and stuck in

endless loops of actions that got them nowhere and made society leave

them behind with their problems that were the fault of the media not

caused by any fault of their own and with no discernible psychological

causes other than too much media running through their electric veins.

Lorna Dicken holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, and a Creative Writing Master of Arts degree with a specialism in Writing for Children – both from the University of Winchester (Hampshire, UK).

During her time at university, Lorna had several pieces of work featured in the university’s highly acclaimed creative writing journal, ‘Vortex’, including two pieces of poetry. One of her short stories was also featured on the website of the university’s record label, ‘Splendid Fred’. During her MA, Lorna worked on, and had work published in, an anthology of student work which led to interest from a literary agent. Unfortunately, she has yet to finish the manuscript. Lorna writes almost exclusively for children, teenagers, and young adults in the sci-fi and fantasy genres.