Flash Review: "The Elements of Eloquence" by Mark Forsyth

Pop culture references galore alongside classic English poetry and literature, this gem helped me appreciate the intricacies of the English language even more. Simon Shepherd’s superb narration fit this highly informative, deliciously witty, clever as well as humorous guide to rhetoric in the English language. This slim volume analysed the art of weaving words together to create something memorable. Something with style, something with flair, something with elegance, something with verve. I think reading it once won’t be enough.

This was a 4.5 stars for me. I really liked it and then some.


Samuelson Obigbesan, Sam for short, 27, attained a BA at the university of Greenwich in creative writing/media, where he moved straight into a master’s degree at the university of Surrey, yet again in creative writing and English literature.

Currently working as a project developer and podcaster for a charity in Hereford; where he has written and produced a play as part of the young writers’ group with Pentabus theatre company. He has also co-written “Side-Tracked”, a radio play as part of a workshop group with Extant theatre company.

In 2017 one of his poems found its way into an anthology as part of a competition organised by Seeing Ear.

Oh, he is also blind.

Sam reads voraciously and writes reviews, on goodreads, search for Sam Obigbesan, you can also find him raving about the latest fantasy/science fiction and other audiobooks on twitter @samobigbesan and the same for audible. If you would like to listen to a couple of short stories and you don’t mind a trip into the past, feel free to visit https://soundcloud.com/samobigbesan