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Poetry: 'Evening Return' & 'how_to_be_vulnerable_on_the_internet' by Corey Davis

Evening Return

I want to come back whole

I want to eat a hearty stew

In the night

With my butter and bun

And abide only by the bare

Bones of my needful

Hunger: the wolf in the badger,

Seeking warmth singularly,

Ravenous for the mercy

Of home, in from the driving sleet

Of the wild old strife.

What the winter wants is me



to the funniest inventions

on the planet,

who can laugh all day/all night

but who cannot cry

high praise to the holy Genius

who installed sensitive motors

in insufferable models

real demons live atop big soft beds,

wrapped in cowls of blankets,

typing with fingers that know all,

smiling while alone


in digits + symbols

is no more easily translated

than it is

in the inaccessible ghost scream

of a voice your whole body remembers


last night, Casey’s dad died

she just needs at least one other person to know

Corey is a young, emerging writer from Jackson, Mississippi, USA, and an honors graduate of the University of Mississippi, where her work won the Ella Somerville Award and the Evans Harrington Creative Writing Scholarship. Her fiction has appeared in publications such as Goat's Milk, MudRoom, and Fish Barrel Review, while her poetry has appeared in K'in, Blue River Review, and more. She is currently working on my first novel. She can be found on Twitter @dame_coreydench and on Instagram @cupofcorey.

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