Poetry: "North & South"

The door shouted as you

came in after work. Your high

viz brought in a fake sun.

We tilted words off our heads

as we nodded. You never lied

to me but never spoke the truth.

You placed your spirit level

on the kitchen table. The bubble

went with your weight as you

filled the kettle. The newspaper

was rolled in your pocket and all I

got was headlines.

You sold my fishing tackle

that you bought for my birthday.

UHT milk poured out of the fridge

as you made a cuppa. I sat listening

to the glug of another weekend.

Years ago you shouted from the sidelines

told me to run faster, tackle harder.

Now the freezer hums in my ears

as you go upstairs to shave away

the shifts off your face.

Gareth lives in Wales. He has two collections by FutureCycle, The Miner & A Bard's View. His Twitter handle is: