Poetry: "O Weary Sailor" & "I Don't Blame You" by Dale Booton

O Weary Sailor

For Austin

at night I hear the rested waves awaken stretch their arches

across one another open their throats and roar

o weary sailor out there amongst the phantasmagoric fog

against the brush of the moon’s backhand

do you think of me o weary sailor do you think of us

of our names whispered along the sea breeze

of our feverish need carried out by the crash of the tides

reaches o weary sailor can you hear those waves

their mighty call to us lapping their wet tongues along

the edges of our distance the space between

want and have o weary sailor take your ear to the water’s

surface listen out for its salty voice

as it carries my longing to you tells you of how I must bow

and recede once the sun flexes its smile

I Don’t Blame You

I don’t think or

perhaps I have lost the idea

of blame lost the care to look back

and think of how different

it could have been when I dropped

your hand to the seat and said

I think we should move

downstairs as if I had some

spectral sense of what was to come the

eggs the shouting the fists of

young boys one against your eye

as the blood began to run the

pushing of them as if I had seen

the fear that would grip us

every time we stepped onto a bus sat

watching the faces their movements as we

sought out the maybes

in the crowd. allowed the

paranoia to sneak

into our minds like nesting spiders

as we sat and cried

about how we hate to have to

leave home and I don’t blame you

but you said

let’s stay where we are

Dale Booton is a twenty-six year old queer poet from Birmingham. His poetry has been published by Verve in their Diversity anthology, Untitled: Voices, Re-Side, and The Poetry Society. Most recently, his poetry has been featured by Ligeia, Queerlings, Fahmidan, and Tealight Press.